Hatha Yoga is gentle exercise that brings peace to the body and peace to the mind.


Every class has a dedicated theme or intention to teach freedom of movement and to clear blocked energy created by every day life. The benefits of Hatha Yoga classes are amazing. They will change how you feel physically but also mentally and emotionally by helping release anxiety and enhance feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Come and try a session to see how these classes make you feel. Or alternatively book a bespoke one-on-one session to experience the benefits that Yoga can bring to your body and mind. In all our classes we create a safe and sacred space for our clients to explore how they move and how that makes them feel. We introduce Pranayama a method of breathing into each session which is a vital tool to prepare the body for the physical practise of Asana.


And if you are still not sure these are for you why not try one of our free taster sessions? We know you will be converted.
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" I never cease to appreciate the benefits that Pilates brings …and realise it is the result of the preparation and thought which you all give to each hour. Unspoken is the underlying care at Pilates Works Studio for all our well-being – Thank You "
Carolyn Noble