Group mat classes are recommended for those who have no serious injuries or pain, enjoy the social interaction of a group class and who can commit to a specific day and time most weeks. All our classes are organised by ability. This ensures there is the right class for you whatever your level.


Mat classes take place on the Pilates mat and incorporate the use of small pieces of apparatus such as baby arcs, balls, bands, foam rollers, resistance rings and weights. This equipment can help support your body in some exercises and add resistance to challenge you in others.


Beginner to advanced group matclasses are open to a maximum of 12 participants. High Intensity Power HIP® Pilates, rehabilitation and pregnancy mat classes are open to a maximum of 6 participants and are priced accordingly.


With all our mat classes we promise you unrivalled individual attention in a group setting with some fun thrown in too!

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" I am not a super skinny, super fit person but decided to try Pilates for its tummy tightening reputation! The atmosphere is light and relaxed but that belies the highest professional teaching standards which is a great combo to put all shapes and sizes at ease. I can definitely say my tummy is tighter but I never now get stress headaches from holding my tension in my neck and shoulders, I can sleep in many more positions and get a really good nights sleep every night and I have had to alter the seat position in the car as I walk taller... And slimmer! The benefits of learning how to use my core muscles has also ensured I use them correctly in any other exercise I do - swimming, walking or at the gym. I can't reccomended Pilates Works Studio enough - it has taught me a life skill!! "
Lucy Smith