Private tuition is the best option for those who want a highly personalised Pilates session. These sessions utilise the original Pilates equipment on the reformer, chair, cadillac, ladder barrel as well as state of the art clinical reformers, ideal for athletes and rehabilitation.

Each session is arranged according to your own schedule and it is all about your body, your expectations and your goals. Please click on the buttons below for more detailed information on how private tuition can benefit you.


Whether the result of an injury, an operation, diagnosis of a medical condition or even if you have unexplained aches and pains, then private Pilates rehabilitation sessions are the ideal way forward for you.

The initial consultation will look at your medical history and where necessary we will liaise with your health care practitioner. For those with no specific injury or pathology we will look at your activities of everyday living that might be the cause of stress and strains on your body.

We will then design a bespoke programme to facilitate your recovery using all the classical Pilates equipment as well as mat exercises to safely and progressively move you from an early rehabilitative exercise regime through to normal Pilates exercises and a full recovery.


Prehabilitation is fast becoming a buzz word amongst the sporting community who want to optimise performance and keep the body injury free.

For a long time now Pilates has been the most effective form of prehabilitation whether the sport in question is your hobby or your profession. Indeed Pilates is so effective that virtually every coach providing sports training at elite level incorporates Pilates in his or her training programme.

Different sport disciplines take different tolls on the body and we have the knowledge and experience to know exactly what these are. Through one on one tuition using the equipment we can effectively work on your body to help rectify imbalances that are occurring keeping you on track to accomplish your sporting goal and achieve longevity in your chosen discipline.

Whatever your sport these private sessions will help you achieve your optimum performance whilst simultaneously helping you to remain injury free.


Pilates brings tremendous benefit to expectant mothers and significantly reduces the common problems of back pain and pelvic problems associated with pregnancy.

Maybe you are pregnant for the first time and want to continue to exercise safely and effectively or maybe you are on your forth pregnancy which is beginning to put a strain your body.

At this very special time in your life it is very important to invest in your health and the health of your baby and that is why we suggest you choose private tuition. We will carefully keep a record of which trimester you are in and accordingly find the perfect exercises for your body. You would be surprised how many of our clients do Pilates right up to full term and even beyond!

We are there for you after you have had your baby too as it is the perfect exercise for you to regain your strength and just as importantly your figure!


Our senior teachers have all trained in the United States, the home of tough Pilates and tough love… and we can offer you just that in our studio in Weybridge, Surrey.

Our private Pilates sessions are infamous for teaching clients how to use Pilates to give them an incredibly powerful work out. For these sessions we use all the classical Pilates equipment, which means we can deliver results really quickly without the risk of injury. Regular sessions will really transform your body shape significantly. You will have perfectly defined muscles in your arms and legs but you will not build bulk. Your stomach will look toned but more importantly beneath it you will have developed an incredibly strong core. You will feel totally refreshed in your mind and you will feel totally confident about your body.


Price on application for Private Tuition with the Studio Owner.

All Group Classes are 55 minutes in duration except Reformer Jump which is 30 minutes. All Private Sessions are 55 minutes in duration.

An Initial Consultation


Individual Follow-Up


Duet (2 persons) peak time


Duet (2 persons) OFF peak


Trio (3 persons)


Quad (4 persons)

" I am your typical 'gym bunny' and love to run and get hot and sweaty so my husband thought pilates would be a short lived hobby. Eleven years later and I thoroughly look forward to my weekly sessions. Pilates really complements my other exercise training and gives me core, resistance and flexibility training in a great enviroment. "
Lisa Brine