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Whether the result of an injury, an operation, diagnosis of a medical condition, or even if you are experiencing unexplained aches and pains these rehabilitation private sessions are the perfect choice for you.

The initial consultation will look at your medical history and where necessary we will liaise with your medical general practitioner, medical consultant, osteopath, chiropractor or another health care practitioner you have chosen. For those with no specific injury or pathology we will look at your activities or every day living that might be causing stresses and strains on your body.

We will then use our expertise to access your body in terms of movement potential and note any movement restrictions.  This assessment process will enable us to tailor-make a programme for your body to correct the muscle imbalances and strengthen your core.

And we work on strengthening your mind too! Focused exercises, goal setting and lots of positive encouragement and praise from your teacher will ensure you get the very best rehabilitation. You can be assured that if we feel you are not making the progress we would expect we will arrange for you to see one of our in-house physiotherapists for extra input and support.

There is an amazing rehabilitation team here ready to help you every step of the way.