The Team » Tracy

Tracy was introduced to Pilates when training as a dancer at the Ballet Rambert. She says that she wasn't sure what she was doing at the time but just knew Pilates made her feel great!

She worked as a professional dancer in the Far East and Europe before stopping to have a family and it was during this time that she returned to Pilates having sustained a running injury. This time round it made perfect sense and she became so hooked on her weekly Pilates classes that she decided to train to be teacher with Body Control Pilates® in 2012. She did her practical mat-work supervised teaching here at this studio and went on to become equipment qualified shortly afterwards.

Tracy teaches with precision and like all the teachers at Pilates Works Studio she has a lovely manner as she delivers the exercises with both flow and flair.

Tracy says she has never looked back and is so pleased to have trained to be a teacher at this later stage of her life. Later stage of her life….? Just look at her body and you won’t believe that!