The Team » Karyn

Karyn  is a valuable  addition to our highly talented team of Pilates teachers though she is  by no means new to the studio. This is where she started her Pilates journey after questioning the validity of the strength training she had done previously. She loved Pilates as it gave her a powerful form of exercise that was a far safer and more functional form of training.
She made the decision to train with Body Control Pilates ® in 2013 to share her passion for Pilates with others and just like Kelly she did much of her preparation for her Matwork practical exam here at the Studio under the guidance of Sue. Also just like Kelly Karyn completed her training in record time and with an outstanding appraisal. She then went on to gain her Reformer certification shortly and has since completed her training on all the studio equipment at an advanced level. Karyn has since been made a Supervising Teacher for Body Control Pilates® helping students gain their matwork certification.
Karyn's gym bunny roots means she knows how to give all her clients a really tough workout and her understanding of the Pilates method ensures she delivers a safe and effective workout every time.