The Team » Kelly

Kelly became a client here at Pilates Works Studio in 2009 when she was searching for a good Pilates studio to help her continue her Pilates journey which had started in1999. In a short space of time the teachers realised she was an extremely proficient and talented Pilates practitioner who was totally devoted to the method.

The teachers encouraged Kelly to train to be a Pilates Teacher and she embarked on her training with Body Control Pilates® with gusto and determination. She did much of her preparation for her Mat work practical exam here at the Studio under the guidance of  Sue and Paul. Unsurprisingly she completed her training in record time and passed with flying colours in 2012 going on to gain her Reformer certification shortly afterwards. Suddenly she was teaching the very clients that not so long ago she had been working out with! Kelly has since been made a Supervising Teacher for Body Control Pilates® helping students gain their matwork and Reformer certification.

Sue is delighted to have Kelly as a Senior Teacher on her outstanding team. Her delivery, enthusiasm and eye for detail is testimony to her abundance of natural flair and she is without doubt a huge asset to the studio .