Duets & Trios

These Pilates sessions are extremely popular at our studio as they offer clients the flexibility of when they work out and who they work out with. Some clients really enjoy Pilates with their partners and others with their friends.

All duo and trio Pilates  classes can be taken on the traditional Pilates equipment, either the reformer, cadillac or chair, so clients still receive the benefits of a bespoke private session but at a reduced price per person. For Reformer sessions we can increase the size of a private class to four and for mat work we can increase the size to a private class of five, so that four or five family or friends can form a group together.

Quite simply.....choose who you want to do your Pilates session with, what time you want to do it, what equipment you wish to use and who you want to teach you.... And we will deliver the perfect session.

Bespoke Pilates with partners or friends.....Try it !