When Back Pain Strikes

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Backcare is a national charity that aims to reduce the impact of back pain on society by providing information, support,promoting good practise and funding research.

This is their advice when back pain strikes:

'The most important thing to do when you experience back pain, is to continue your normal activities as much as you can. Although you might be tempted to rest and move as little as you can, this will only make your pain worse and lengthen the period that you are in pain. Extensive research has shown that prolonged bed rest does not result in a quick recovery.

In some cases, the pain might interfere too much with your normal lifestyle. In such cases you could take some simple pain killers (e.g. paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen) to control your pain (if in doubt, consult your GP or pharmacist).

The above recommendations would be most effective if you integrate them in your daily life. That will give you the best chance of controlling back pain and continuing your normal activities.'