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Fast becoming the latest ‘buzz’ word amongst the sporting community Prehabilitation is a regime to optimize performance and keep the body injury free.

For a long time now Pilates has been the most effective form of ‘prehabilitation’ whether the sport in question is your hobby or your profession. Indeed Pilates is considered so effective that virtually every coach providing sports training at elite level incorporates Pilates prehabilitation in his or her training programme.

Different sports disciplines take different tolls on the body and we have the knowledge and experience to know exactly what these are. Through one on one tuition using the equipment we can effectively work on your body to help rectify imbalances that are developing keeping you on track to accomplish your sporting goal and achieve longevity in your chosen discipline.

So whether you are a keen golfer, planning to compete in an Ironman or want to take 10 minutes off your previous Marathon run; whether you are turning professional as a tennis player or whether you are already part of a professional elite team these sessions are definitely for you.

We are here to help you achieve your optimum performance and keep you injury free.