Here at Pilates Works Studio in Weybridge, Surrey we are very lucky to work in conjunction with Weybridge and Walton Physiotherapy. The team of top Physiotherapists understand the importance that Pilates plays in an individual´s well being. Pilates can be extremely beneficial once physiotherapy treatment has been completed as it addresses the muscular imbalances that arise through injury or poor posture. We work on these imbalances while simultaneously developing your core stability so you can remain pain free.

Due to our close relationship with the physiotherapists we are now able to incorporate Real Time Ultrasound into our clients' Pilates sessions. This imaging technique will show the contraction of your important core abdominal muscles working in real time allowing your instructor to check how effectively you are recruiting them. This will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of how your body works and you will be able to gauge the effectiveness of your training routine over time. The quality of your workout will be dramatically enhanced.

You can feel totally confident that you will experience the best care possible.

Weybridge and Walton Physiotherapy is conveniently located for easy access from Virginia Water and Wentworth. To visit their website, click here